20 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

Ruviapps Privacy Policy

Ruviapps absolutely does not collect your personal information. (name, email, location ...)

However, all of our applications and games use some of the following third-party SDKs to collect some information: Google Play Services (Google Ads - AdMob) The ad network SDKs are used to display ads in our applications and games.

Google privacy policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

The permissions required for the operation of the applications are below. We only require these permissions for our applications to work correctly.
-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To read data from the memory
-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write data to a memory
-READ_PHONE_STATE: To read the phone status
CAMERA: This permission is required if the camera needs to be used in the application.
-RECORD_AUDIO: This permission is required if audio recording is required in the application.
In other words, these permissions can not be stored and shared in any way.
For support email: ruviapps@gmail.com

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Camera operation is required for proper operation of the application. This permission is not used for any other purpose. User information is not shared with third parties and is not stored anywhere.

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The track is required for voice recording. It will not be used for any other purpose.